Saturday, 7 August 2010

Fashion: 5 Kim Kardashian Every Day Outfits!

5 of my favorite every day outfits from Kim.

I think Kim's style is quite basic but still girly and super chic. No matter what she wears she looks good! She wears a lot of dark colors and big statement jewelry. Some of her outfits look a bit 'Rocky' but they are still super girly and cute. I think Kim should be a style icon for any girl because she doesn't stick to one style! And plus she is curvy and confident, which is great! 

These four outfits are all quite simple, using basic staple colors. But when Kim adds a big gold necklace or a pair of heels it instantly glams up the outfit.

This last picture is my favorite outfit of Kim's. Florals are so in right now and look super pretty!

Thank you for reading! oxox

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